Precisely tailored cloud storage – with SACO Cloud Backup


It is no longer just the large corporations that have enormous amounts of data and need to store it somewhere. Small and medium-sized enterprises from almost all industries and even sole traders, accumulate masses of data that require more and more space.

The regular creation and archiving of backups via conventional hard disks or other common storage media is in many cases cumbersome, unreliable, not very durable and not ideally designed for use in companies. Cloud storage, on the other hand, offers the possibility to manage data from anywhere.


Comprehensive security measures reliably protect the files from third-party access or data loss. A major advantage of cloud storage with SACO Cloud Backup is secure access from any internet access point. The data is stored in a German data centre certified in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001 - i.e. in compliance with the strict German data protection laws.


SACO Cloud Backup - the features:


    • No minimum contract period

    • Can be cancelled 30 days to the end of the month

    • Data is stored in a DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certified German data centre, which obtains its electricity from

      100% carbon dioxide-free hydropower

    • Contract based on job processing per Art. 28 GDPR possible on request (job processing contract)





Teamwork - with SACO Cloud


SACO Cloud is based on the open source software nextcloud. That is why SACO Cloud is heavily focused on security,

among other things.

In addition to saving files, documents/content can be shared with other users.

Those who wish can also use SACO Cloud for video chats.



59,90 EUR/p.m.


plus VAT

offer is open



6,49 EUR/p.m.


plus VAT

offer is open

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