ecoDMS, THE digital Document Management System

New generation of document archiving


In order to store data in a legally compliant manner, a document management system (DMS) is necessary as a digital solution. It reduces time and costs and increases productivity. Archiving in a DMS works digitally: Documents are only collected as digital data copies on backup servers and local storage media. A big advantage: Any authorised employee can access the file within a very short time, regardless of its format, and search entire data records.


Work at home with the files remaining in the company


With ecoDMS, a platform-independent document management system, all documents can be scanned, archived, managed and quickly retrieved.

The documents are archived with just a few mouse clicks, automatically full-text indexed and, if required, categorised without the user's intervention. A document recognition system automatically determines the document affiliation and files the files in the right place and for the appropriate users.


The document archive can be accessed in seconds via desktop client, smartphone, tablet and web interface. State-of-the-art search functions make document retrieval as easy as googling. The software is quickly installed and easy to use.

All data is stored securely in the company, in containers and a database and not on foreign servers. The entire system is located at a dedicated installation site.


Some of the many possibilities and advantages with ecoDMS:


    • Archiving of any documents and files: e.g. PDF, Office files, images, music, contracts, invoices, bank statements, delivery notes and much more.

    • Platform-independent client-server system

    • Automatic full text indexing (OCR Tesseract)

    • Search functions: e.g. full text search, attribute search, filter templates, etc.

    • Automatic classification and archiving via Template Designer

    • Digital incoming mail processing (scanning & archiving)

    • Convenient archiving via drag & drop and sidepanel

    • Simple email archiving from Thunderbird & Outlook

    • Plugins for OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Microsoft Office

    • Legally compliant deletion concept in accordance with the "GoBD"

      [Principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and

      documents in electronic form and for data access] & DGPR

    • User and group administration incl. LDAP / Active Directory

    • Clipboard for creating customised "document folders"

    • Version management

    • Audit compliant history

    • Convenient backup & restore functions

    • Modern container storage system

    • Licence with no time limits

    • No document limit

    • Freely scalable and configurable for any user groups and sizes

    • Can be used in the network, locally, on the web and on the move

    • Software for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS, Raspberry Pi, Docker, Android, iOS

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