Ripe for a security upgrade


The IDW (institute of public auditors in Germany) develops auditing standards according to which the auditor has to assess, among other things, the IT-supported accounting system at the client's premises.

Does the IT system really meet the legal requirements?

Are all regularity and security requirements met?

SACO auditors create absolute IDW conformity through certified audit expertise.


Low risk and and high chances with IT governance


The IT landscape of a company is confronted with dynamically changing legal requirements. Those who continue to believe that commercial knowledge is sufficient to ensure legally compliant IT system audits are already on the losing side. Now "IT governance" is called for. A task for experts. The IT auditors.


IT security and audit security determine the course for the future. A development that the IDW – Institute of public auditors in Germany e. V. has set in motion. The Institute has developed new auditing standards for auditors based on the ISA (International Standards on Auditing). In particular, for clients with complex IT systems and increasing integration of comprehensive IT solutions.

Who still guarantees security here?


Optimal IT auditing requires true specialists


Have clients assessed all relevant risks? What about the auditor's qualifications?

Do the IT control systems comply with the required conditions?

A lot of questions that can give the auditor sleepless nights if they do not consult experts in time.

SACO GmbH has specialised in providing services that address this very problem and scores with

clear facts:

SACO's IT auditors regularly undergo ISACA examinations. This means they are always 100%

up to date with the latest IT security requirements.

ISACA is the world's leading, recognised professional association in the field of IT systems audit,

control and security. The clear advantage for the auditor is: absolute legal certainty, absolute IDW

conformity. Security has priority. Because only high quality work guarantees the best competitive


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