Protection from malware


Network protection and protection against ransomware and computer viruses are becoming increasingly important and are therefore part of every good security concept. Protect your entire IT infrastructure from malware with application whitelisting. Whitelisting makes an antivirus solution significantly more powerful than systems that rely on blacklisting, machine learning or signature-based detection.


Simple approach: Anything not on the whitelist cannot be started.


Every day, countless new viruses emerge, posing a potential threat to your computers. Malware can not only damage individual files, but also paralyse your entire system or allow access to your devices.


With application whitelisting you effectively protect your IT infrastructures from old and new threats.






The new generation of the SACO firewall:

SACO Cop S, M and L - the digital doorman.


The use of a firewall is a sensible and important component in a mature security concept. It ensures that no network traffic rushes past it without permission. Only absolutely necessary access should be allowed.

Thus, for example, attacks from the outside are warded off, where attackers want to gain access to a network or a computer via open ports.


Increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks are forcing companies to upgrade. Next generation firewalls are the logical next step. A firewall tailored to your business is a strong and reliable partner for protecting your IT infrastructure.


The new SACO firewalls are equipped for modern IT infrastructures. They offer more functions that are needed in everyday IT life. Among other things, they have better tools, a new quick search function, more overview of, for example, the home users connected via VPN, and much more.


General features:


• Based on the additionally hardened FreeBSD

• Dashboard for a quick overview

• Modern user interface

• Stateful Firewall

• Traffic Shaper

• Two-factor authentication

• Captive Portal

• VPNs: IPsec and OpenVPN

• High Availability / Hardware Failover (with CARP)

• Web Proxy (Cache)

• Intrusion Detection & Prevention

• Convenient and also automatic Backup (& Restore)

• Reporting & Monitoring (SNMP & Zabbix/Nagios)

• Expandable with numerous plug-ins

• Time server, DNS and DHCP


These features are possible for all SACO Cop models, even the smallest variant can be expanded to a full high-availability system.


Models of the new SACO Cop:




• 1 GHz AMD Quad-Core CPU

• 4 GB RAM

• 4 Intel Gigabit network-interfaces

• 64 GB SSD (M2-SATA)





• 19 Case, rear connections

• 1 GHz Intel Atom C3338 Dual-Core CPU

• 8 GB RAM

• 4 Gigabit network-interfaces

• 256 GB SSD





• 19 Case, back or front connectors variants

• 1 GHz Intel Xeon D-1518 Quad Core CPU

• 8 GB RAM

• 2 10-Gigabit network-interfaces

• 6 Gigabit network-interfaces

• 2 * 256 GB SSD (RAID1)


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