We bring you into the conversation. With VoIP.


Voice over IP software, or VoIP for short, makes it possible to transmit voice calls via the Internet rather than via traditional telephone lines. Here, the telephone call is sent in encrypted "packets" through the World Wide Web.


The different types of VOIP:



This solution is a VoIP telephone system pre-installed on server hardware, which is configured by SACO in accordance with the customer's wishes or the existing environment, allowing you to start phoning immediately.



A virtual telephone system is installed in an existing virtual infrastructure. SACO sets up the system, allowing you to start calling immediately.



The public cloud solution offers the advantage that it does not have to be self-hosted. You get your own dedicated access details allowing you to start phoning immediately.



The pascom VOIP solutions for your company


The pascom VoIP always fits, no matter how big your company is and no matter what hardware or software you are currently using.

Choosing the right communication solution is essential to ensure the best possible accessibility. This applies not only to large companies with many employees, but also to small businesses or start-ups.



General features:






















































Integration on mobile devices

A high-quality telephone system creates a professional impression for callers. The configuration and application options have a decisive influence on how competently you master your call volume.

The VoIP software can just as easily be installed as an application on a smartphone or tablet. A mobile-optimised interface is available, which makes operation pleasantly simple. You can also be reached via your mobile device using the software under your existing office number and can use the same functions, such as music on hold, parallel ringing or call forwarding.

In addition, you also make calls here via the Internet at your existing office tariff. This is especially important for employees on business trips.


One telephone number worldwide

Regardless of location, your company has only one telephone number. This can also be transferred to your branches worldwide.


Safety is standard

With SSL-encrypted VoIP data and a fail-safe, redundant 2-server concept (with the cloud solution in TÜV-certified German data centres), you benefit from maximum availability.


Increase productivity

A professional call management system enables telephone calls to be accepted according to need and availability. If you are currently on a call, you can transfer your caller to another free agent with just one click.



Simply connecting telephone, video, chats and instant messaging is quick and easy with the pascom VoIP solution.


Fax Integration

The VoIP telephone system based on "Asterisk" offers many ways to send and receive paperless faxes.


Interactive Voice Response Menus

By creating a voice dialogue system ("Press 1 for ...") you have the option to automatically forward incoming calls.


Import existing data

The Active Directory connection makes it easy to import existing data from telephone books or directories.

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